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How To Choose a Grid-Connect PV System

This information is intended to help you to gain an understanding of how much power you are currently using; how much power you will obtain from different grid-connect systems, and how much of a percentage of your needs they will supply.

Step 1: The best starting point is to work out how much electricity you are already using. Go back and dig out your electricity bills for the last year. We want the full 12 month period so we can get a true daily average. Total up the number of kilowatt-hours you have used over the course of the year, and divide that number by 365. Now you've got your average usage in kilowatt-hours per day.

Step 2: The next step is to start looking at the grid-connect systems that are available, your location, and calculate how much electricity they can produce.

To do this we'll use an excellent calculator provided by the Australian National University

Click here to open the photovoltaic power simulator at the ANU.

There is some information avaliable from the Australian Government here