DCShop DC shop supplies all solar panels and related equipment for domestic and industrial applications Australia wide

  • True sine wave
  • For all applications
  • Boat, Caravan, construction sites
  • Australian made
  • Quality, reliability, performance
  • Thermal share technology
  • Conforms to Aust. Standards
LD Range
Model No Voltage output power
cont. 1/2hr rating max surge
LD200-12 12 200W 250W 600W
LD250-24 24 250W 320W 750W
LD600-12 12 600W 800W 1500W
LD700-24 24 700W 900W 2000W
    WM series
  • True sine wave
  • ideal for wall and benchtop mounting
  • Quality reliability and performance
  • Wrapped in a simple package
  • Demand start, low volts adjust
  • AC overload and temp overload
  • Conforms to Aust. Standards
WM Range
Model No Voltage output power
cont. 1/2hr rating max surge
WM1200-12 12 1200W 1650W 3600W
WM1500-24 24 1500W 2250W 4500W
    SE series
  • True sine wave
  • Illuminated display, inverter status
  • AC volts AC Amps Batt. Volts
  • Protected against batt. high and low
  • Upgradable
  • Suit all applications home, boat, caravan, motorhome, tradesman, industrial applications
  • Conforms to Aust. Standards
SE Range
Model No Voltage output power
cont. 1/2hr rating max surge
SE22 12 1300W 1800W 4000W
24 1600W 2100W 5000W
SE32 24 2400W 3700W 7000w
SA 42 48 3600w 5500W 10000W
  • True sine wave excellent for all applications
  • Easy installation
  • Quality, Reliable performance,
  • Conforms to Aust. Standards
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LS Series
Specs 400-500W
Specs 800-1000W
Specs 1200-1500W
Specs 2000-2500W
AC Transfer switch
    Sinewave inverter charger
  • True sinewave inverters with inbuilt high efficiency battery charger and AC transfer switch
  • Saves Space
  • Saves Weight
  • Reduces installation costs
  • Automatically transfer the load to the incoming AC power source. Uses the external AC power source to charge the batteries.
  • Conforms to Aust. Standards
Sinewave Inverter Charger
XP compact 12/1100, 24/1600, 48/1600
Compact 12/1300, 24/2300, 48/3500
HP Compact 12/2500, 24/4000, 48/5000, 48/7000