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Line Conditioners  
  • Supports heavy loads up to 1200 watts.
  • complete protection from brownouts, overvoltages and transient surges for computers, printers, fax machines and more
  • Includes 4 NEMA5-15R outlets, 2m. line cord and 7 diagnostic LEDs that display incoming voltage level, surge protection status and line fault conditions

A Sample of DC Shops Typical Line conditioning unit
Line Conditioners
Line conditioners work by filtering and smoothing the power stream to eliminate dips, fluctuations and interference that can cause power to be "noisy". Their ability to reduce noise is measured in decibels over a given frequency range (just like noise reduction in your home stereo system). The more noise reduction, the better. Good line conditioners can be quite costly due to the high quality of components required to do the best job. In some ways, a surge suppressor can be consider the "poor man's line conditioner". A line conditioning unit.
In practice, relatively few PC users employ line conditioners. Those who can afford to spend hundreds of dollars protecting their equipment tend to prefer instead uninterruptible power supplies, because while line conditioners provide very good protection against other power problems, they do not help in the event of a blackout.