BP Solar Panels supplied by DC Shop

BP produces the widest selection of poly-crystalline modules in the industry. BP modules come in nine standard sizes from 10 watts to the new 170 watt module, SX-170B. These modules are suitable for all types of systems. BP large modules are a leader in grid-tie applications and their eight sizes of 12 volt smaller area modules are suitable for all mid size and smaller size DC applications, such as off-grid electricity generation, water pumping, telecommunication or telemetry. BP is our most versatile line of solar modules

The models we carry are listed below. Efficiency is 20% higher than other typical single crystal cells in full sun, and they give significantly better performance in low light and overcast conditions.
BP high efficiency translates into cost savings on mounting structures, especially on trackers.
Panels have in each conduit-ready junction box has two waterproof cable clamps and by-pass diodes, so no special module interconnects are required. The face of these modules are tempered, high light transmission glass and the rear is a triple lamination of PVF, polyester and PVF. Output is 12 volts.

Model No Peak Watts @ 25C Rated Voltage@MPP

Rated Current@MPP

Dimensions (mm)
BP Solar polycrystalline (click model number for a PDF spec sheet)
160w 35.1V 4.55A 1593x790mm
BP3125U 125W 17.6V 7.1A 1510x674mm
BP380U 80W 17.6v 4.55A 1210x537mm
BP365U 65W 17.6V 3.69A 1110x502mm
BP350U 50W 17.3V 2.89A 839x537mm
BP340U 40W 17.3V 2.31A 655x537mm
SX30U 30W 16.8V 1.78A 594x502mm
SX20U 20W 16.8V 1.19A 424x502mm
SX5M 5W 16.8V 0.27A 250x269mm
BP Solar monocrystalline modules
BP485U 85W 17.4V 4.9A 1210x537mm