Part Number DSC/T4
This product connects to the telephone line and can be used to control up to four (4) relays using a tone dialling (DTMF) telephone. Dial up your phone from anywhere in the world, enter your password then turn on or off any of the relays to control devices in your house, office or remote application A number of user settings are available to improve the useability and security of the device:
Password protection (up to 8 characters)

  • Tamper setting
  • Rings to answer
  • Auto hangup time on idle
  • Timed lockout if tamper setting tripped

Comes complete with a small plastic case (13x10x3cm) with silk-screened front and rear panels. Connection to the relay contacts is via pluggable 3-way screw terminals. Operates on 12VDC (12V/300mA plug pack will be fine).