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Part Number DSC-RC12RL

  • Domestic/ industrial automation
  • Lighting
  • Security systems
  • Retrofitting existing equipment
  • Easy installation

This product comprises of a commercial 14-button IR remote controller. All 12 relays are provided on the receiver board. Makes it very simple to add infrared remote control to any existing equipment. Indicator LEDs show which relay is operated. Operating range up to 18 metres (length of the factory!).

The 12 relays are grouped into 2 groups of 8 and 4. Each group of relays can be set to operate as toggling or momentary. Buttons 1 to 12 on the remote control operate the corresponding relay on the receiver board, ie. button 1 operates relay 1, etc. Buttons 13 and 14 are used to turn off each group of relays.

The relay contacts are rated at 10A max. However the PCB traces will only handle about 5A - additional heavy duty wire can be soldered on request from the relay contact to the screw terminal connector to handle the full 10 amps. The relay outputs are also rated to switch up to 240VAC mains voltages.

Receiver board is supplied with 12VDC 500mA power supply - a suitable AC/DC adaptor will do fine. The remote control unit requires 2 x AAA batteries (not supplied). The receiver board measures 122mm x 113mm